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Big List of Free Clip Art and Photo's

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This is our ever evolving list of places where you can get free clip art and photo's.  It is becoming harder and harder to find free resources for your projects and websites and these are the last sites that provide these wonderful resources. Check out this article to find great photos and clip art for your next project!

This is our ever evolving list of places where you can get free clip art and photo's.  It is becoming harder and harder to find free resources for your projects and websites and these are the last sites that provide these wonderful resources.  Be aware that usage rights vary from site to site and you need to make sure that the image or artwork you are downloading will be legal for use un your specific case.  The legalities are beyond the scope of this article, but there are many articles on the web to help you sort this out.  Remember that it is always best to check with your attorney if you have any questions.

This is a simple site to navigate with very simple category layout and quick access to the clip art.  They say that all images are 100% free and also Royalty free, but there are not many details.  The search feature on this site is decent and will turn up a quick match.  The only downside to this site is the lack of photo's as it is only clip art.

This site claims to be all Public Domain and Royalty Free art and they have a detailed terms of use that also has a detailed disclaimer. We are not sure just how well they have verified the rights to these photos and thus you should be aware of the source.  What is pretty cool on this site is that they provide a tool where you can upload a photo and the site will turn the photo into vector clip art.  The big question is of they then give your photo or the resultant vector image away to their users.

All in all we like this site and their clip art but it should be noted that the art is of varied quality.  A bit of surfing around may be required, but you may find what your looking for.  In addition, they make it easy to access the artwork and also allow you to link directly to their images which is great for use on web sites.

This is an easy to use site that has a good selection of photographs.  The licenses are mostly under Creative Commons and each photo has the license details listed which is very nice.  Downloads are made easy and the photo's come with a small line on the bottom that attributes them to the site and their photographer.  This is a nice touch since it can be time consuming to add attribution to downloaded photos or to your website.  Overall this is one of our top pick's for photo's.


Stock Vault

This site has some of the best free photos that we have seen anywhere on the web.  The Gotcha with this site is that the terms of use are vague on how you can use their photos.  They explicitly allow non-commercial use of the photo's and then lay out unauthorized uses that don't prohibit commercial use per-se.  In addition, there is no description that we can see of what they see as commercial vs. non-commercial use.  This vague license makes it hard to use these images on many websites without consulting an attorney.

With the usage guideline set aside, this is an amazing site.  The have some awesome photo's and the photo's are worth a look even if you don't plan to use them.  In addition, they make downloads easy and give you a lot of information about their contributors.  Overall this is a great site that is worth looking at.

This is a very popular site and they have a large number of photographs available for download.  The site claims to be a subsidiary of Getty Images and this would make sense since there are many advertisements for iStockPhoto on the site.  This site requires you to create a free account in order to download images which is a bit of a hassle if you just want one image.  The upside is that the site has enough to offer that you are likely to return making it worth the investment of time.

The images on this site are copyrighted and when you download they are giving you the rights to use the images free of charge with certain restrictions.  The restrictions are fairly common ones, but you should check the rights before using these (or any) images.  All in all we like this site for it's great selection of photo and good search features.

This is a highly artistic site with great photography with very loose usage restrictions.  The usage is governed via an FAQ which is a unique way of doing things, but you can also ask questions directly to verify your usage case.  The photographs on this site are very unique and will fit the bill for anyone looking for more artistic photos.  In line with the artistic nature of this site is a unique feature where you can search for an image based on a color that you want to match.  This is a neat feature, but the site has limited photo's and a search engine that does not produce a large number of results based on keywords.  Thus this sire makes a lot of sense for creative projects but may not be right if your looking for photographs on with a specific subject.


Quick List of Photo and Clip Art Websites

Site Name  Link
 All Free Clip Art
 Open Photo
 Stock Exchange
 Stock Vault

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